Candidate Search Process

Candidate Search Process

Candidate Search Process provides detailed procedures, processes and workbooks that equip church leaders with the right information and the right process to select candidates for longer, more productive and more effective tenures; whether a senior pastor or any other staff position.

In a typical staffing search process, both the church and (many) candidates set out in a parallel approach to put together information that is sent to one another and used to form a match. This match is determined by the search committee of a local church. After agreeing on the best match, a candidate is selected, and is chosen for the position, or else declines and the process is repeated until a candidate accepts. This can be a daunting and overwhelming task fraught with pitfalls and dangers.

The Candidate Search Process provides detailed, step-by-step processes proven to provide the highest potential for success in the placement of the right individual in the right church for the right staff position.