User Guide

MinistryConnect is a cloud-based application designed to help with the use of MinistryMatch for matching ministry leaders with positions that fit the way God created those individuals.

Understanding MinistryConnect

MinistryConnect allows your organization to define the characteristics (temperament, motivated role, leadership style, participation style, gift mix, values and age focus) of a person that would ideally fit a particular position in your ministry. It also allows you to place more importance (weight) on some elements of the definition of this "ideal" person, more than other elements. Once position (job) profiles have been defined, MinistryConnect can compare a ministry position definition to the MinistryMatch profiles of each person in your database. A list is then generated of those persons ranked in order of fit for the ministry position, as you have defined it.

Conversely, MinistryConnect allows you to compare an individual's MinistryMatch results to a set of defined positions; giving a prioritized list of the ministries in your organization that fit that individual best.

The result is a better fit between your members and the ministries in which they serve. A better fit means your members will be more fulfilled and more fruitful in ministry, bringing greater glory to God!

Before You Begin

To use MinistryConnect, create an Organization Account for your church/organization on the website website. You should then have all staff, lay leaders, and as many potential lay volunteers in your organization as possible take the MinistryMatch on the web site. Individuals may create their account on the web site and purchase their MinistryMatch, or the organization may purchase a block of license codes for MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity assessments. The individuals taking the MinistryMatch assessment (or survey) should go to the website, create their account, enter the assigned license code, and then complete their MinistryMatch. These MinistryMatch profiles will then be available for your church/organization to use in MinistryConnect.

Use of MinistryConnect requires an understanding of the MinistryMatch assessment tool. A comprehensive training video about interpreting and using the MinistryMatch, and its application within MinistryConnect, can be obtained from the MinistryMatch website. (This video is currently being redevelopment)

Using MinistryConnect

While much of MinistryConnect is simple, we recommend that at least one person from your organization go through the training video (currently being redeveloped) to ensure that you are using it accurately. The ministry effectiveness of your organization will only be as good as your skill at using MinistryMatch to effectively place your leaders.

The remainder of this introduction gives a brief explanation of how MinistryConnect works.

MinistryConnect Structure

MinistryConnect is organized into two sections:

Once you are logged into your Organization Account, mouse over APPLICATIONS and click MinistryConnect. From the top level menu, you can now select PERSONNEL or POSITION PROFILES

Reviewing and Selecting Personnel

By clicking PERSONNEL, you are presented with a list of all individual MinistryMatch profiles for those who have released their results to be viewed and evaluated by your church or organization.

MinistryMatch licenses in this list were either purchased by your organization, or the individual chose to release his or her results to your organization, thus giving you permission to include their profile for your review and evaluation.

This Personnel List presents some very basic information about the individual. You can learn more about an individual and review the details for their MinistryMatch results by clicking or tapping their row.

The screen that is displayed provides the individual's profile and several selectable tabs, providing additional MinistryMatch details for the individual.


The Personal Info and Contact info tab provides personal and demographic information, while the Personality, Gifts, Values, and Age tabs provide numeric detail on MinistryMatch scoring for the individual in each of these MinistryMatch constructs. The Reports tab provides access to the actual MinistryMatch reports for the individual.

The Match Results tab provides a ranked listing of the "best fit" matching of this individual's MinistryMatch profile to all defined and active Ministry Position Profiles (see the next section, Positions).


Each of the jobs or positions defined in the Position Profiles section of MinistryConnect will be listed here. The list displays the ranking by "best fit ministries" order along with the percent match for each position.

To look at a different individual, click RETURN TO PERSONNEL LIST

or click PERSONNEL on the top menu. You can now search for the individual in the list, or search for a particular individual by last name using Filters.

Understanding Position Profiles

The Position Profiles (Jobs) section allows you to define the ideal parameters for a ministry position in your church or organization. It also allows you to sort your database to find which persons are the best fit for a particular ministry. In general, a position profile is developed by choosing each element that the "ideal" candidate would possess. Additionally you may "weight" any of these element pairs or groups by setting a number from 0.1 to 99.9 in the box to the left of any element.

For instance, if you are looking for a person that has the Innergized,; and Detail temperaments, then select them in the Personality/Temperament construct sections. You may also deselect any of the previously chosen parameters by simply clicking the button again. If you feel that Innergized is twice as important Detail, then put a "2" in the box to the left of Innergized. Likewise, if you feel that being Innergized is only 30% as important as Detail, then enter 0.30 in the Weight box. It is a good idea to make a list of all possible ministry positions in your organization, and then define each in Position Profiles. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you use as few elements as possible to define each job, since using too many may exclude qualified persons. As your database of people grows, you may want to add more elements in order to further distinguish between selection

Defining New Position Profiles

To create a new profile, click or tap Position Profiles and then New Profile. Fill in the information for the position:

Indicate if you want this position to be evaluated with only '.$GLOBALS['BMMPro'].' profiles, with only '.$GLOBALS['BMMPro'].' profiles, or with both. You must select one of the options. If you want to make this profile active for a matching, then click Active. Each profile can be activated or deactivated for different runs.

With the basic information about the position defined, you are now ready to provide the selection and weighting of each of the MinistryMatch constructs and elements by working through each of the construct tabs.



Under each tab, you will find selections for each trait pair or group. If the selection icon is a circle,

you will only be allowed to select one from the pair or group.

If the selection icon is a square,

you can select multiple options within the same pair or group.

In the case of Gifts and Values, you can select as many options as you wish. You may deselect an item by clicking or tapping the selection icon again.

In either case, you may unselect an item by clicking or taping the selection icon again.

As described in Understanding Position Profiles, you may also enter a "weight" for any selection.

For detailed information about any of the traits, click the trait name. This will display a detailed description of the selected trait or pair to help you understand the choices. Click Apply or Cancel as required to return to modifying the traits for the position:

This action will provide a pop-up similar to the one below giving a detailed description of the selected trait to assist you in the chooses within the group.

NOTE: Remember to save your selections on each page/tab before moving to the next.

Matching Personnel to a Position Profile

Once you have saved the position profile, click Match Results to generate a best-fit ranked list of personnel for the position.

Viewing or Printing MinistryMatch Reports

Select the type of report that you would like to generate:

Select any number of the individuals listed, click Reports, and click Selected; or alternatively, click Reports, enter the number of top results to include in the report next to Top, and click Top.

In Conclusion

As you use this system, please remember that just because a person is not a close fit for a ministry does not mean that they can't do that ministry. It simply means they are not equipped to do it as well as someone else, assuming equal maturity and passion on the part of both. Please do not assume that this program is infallible. It does not replace the Holy Spirit or the need for prayer. It is simply a tool that persons who have prayed and are surrendered to the Lord can use to be even more effective in ministry.

May our Lord richly bless you as you use MinistryMatch and MinistryConnect to serve Him!