Consulting Services
Expert in virtually all ministry consultations!
Over 1,000 consultations, trained thousands, over 30 countries...
Consulting Services
Expert in virtually all ministry consultations!
Over 1,000 consultations, trained thousands, over 30 countries . . .

While the vast majority of consulting engagements by the MinistryMatch team focus on applications of the MinistryMatch suite of products (MinistryMatchPro, MinistryMatchLaity, MinistryConnect, and Church Effectiveness Survey) our consulting department has expertise in virtually all kinds of consultations. With some of the most experienced church consultants in America, we can tailor any consultation uniquely for your church.
Providing expert outside help and advice to those He loves has always been a part of God’s workings. Engaging a CCE consultant produces much fruit for the investment by:

  1. Ensuring accurate understanding and interpretation when issues being evaluated are critical
  2. Providing impartiality when problems are personal
  3. Building unity when teamwork is indispensable
  4. Allowing the leader to be a participant, not the presenter, when team-building is the goal
  5. Providing unparalleled breadth of experience (over 1000 churches in 30 countries) when complex, tailored or unique applications are required
  6. Empowering results through more fruitful, fulfilled and unified staff and leaders
  7. Saving hundreds of hours of self-study and preparation when time is valuable

In short, few investments provide better stewardship of God’s money than a CCE consultation.


The Process

  1. Complete the Consultation Request Form
  2. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss the details (time, participants, phone or video, estimate of the amount of time needed, etc.)
  3. We will discuss any preparation time required to review candidate profiles, detailed information about the church/ministry, multiple MinistryMatches, etc. The time and cost required to study these will be agreed to beforehand.
  4. We will discuss your necessary preparation needed and any items that you need to prepare prior to the consultation. In some cases, the consultant will need job descriptions for certain positions, a staffing “Org chart” and/or one or more questionnaires completed.
  5. The consultation will proceed with the agreed method (phone, conference call, video conference, screen share, etc.) at the agreed to time.
  6. The consultation will continue until your questions are answered to the best ability of the consultant.



  1. Consulting services are normally billed at a rate of $150/hour.
  2. Consulting is billed in 15-minute increments or parts thereof.
  3. Actual and reasonable expenses, including travel and lodging, will be billed to the client.
MinistryMatch Assessment Analysis


We offer a 15 to 90-minute consultation to help you to best understand individual MinistryMatch Assessments . . .


  1. Your questions about the meaning of one or many MinistryMatch descriptors (e.g. “Exergized”), for one or several MinistryMatch Assessments, will be clarified.
  2. Upon request, clusters of constructs that strengthen or weaken one another for a specific MinistryMatch will be identified and explained.
  3. Your questions will be answered and implications specific to your situation will be explained.
  4. Upon request, the consultant will offer insights into the most probable “fit” for the MinistryMatch result regarding a specific ministry opportunity or personal/team relationship. This is only possible to the extent that you have accurate knowledge of the candidates that you are comparing to.
Consultation Request Form
Job retrofitting using MinistryMatch


A job-retrofit involves starting with the way a person is “wired” by God, and then adjusting the job/ministry as much as possible to fit the person, rather than the other way around. . . . . .


  1. The client understands, from the MinistryMatch, how God “wired” them for optimum fruit and fulfillment.
  2. The client understands the “wiring” of their ministry/job, and where this ministry matches and miss-matches their own “wiring”.
  3. The client and consultant identify potential changes to the ministry/job or staff relationships that could result in greater fruit and fulfillment for the client and church/organization. A list of these details will be created to present to their supervisor.
  4. Potentially, some or all of these changes are made resulting in greater fruitfulness, fulfillment, and tenure for the client and the church/organization.
  5. The client must understand that there is no such thing as a perfect ministry fit in a fallen world!
Consultation Request Form
MinistryMatch leadership retreats


A Leadership Retreat is tailored to your needs. It can include as few or as many leaders as you choose. Its focus can be limited to simply having a chosen group of people take the MinistryMatch, and then interpreting it in a group setting to better understand each other. Normally, the focus of the retreat is more in depth, and utilizes MinistryMatch Assessments, MinistryConnect, and the Team Profile Report to achieve any or all of the following:

  • MinistryMatch team analysis
  • Job retro-fits
  • Organizational Structure evaluation - staff and/or board(s)
  • Candidate MinistryMatch Requirements creation for new staff position(s)
  • Succession plan for senior leadership

The following provides an idea of the time-frame that should be allotted for a retreat and its optional components:

  • For MinistryMatch group interpretation in a retreat setting – Friday night and all day Saturday.
  • For job retro-fitting – Each person generally requires one hour for preparation, 90 minutes for a personal interview, and one hour to write and send an exit report. Preparation should be done before coming to the session, and exit reports will be written and delivered after the conclusion of the retreat. Usually 5-6 staff can be retro-fitted daily. The consultant will work either morning/afternoon or afternoon/evening.
  • For an Organizational Structure evaluation – The time required depends on the size and complexity of the organization. It will usually take one day of pre-study and preparation, one or two days of on-site interaction, and ½ day to write an exit report.
  • To develop a Candidate MinistryMatch Requirements – The time required depends on the amount of information to be used, and if the consultant is expected to coach the Search Committee in collecting this information. It will normally take the consultant ½ a day off-site to coach the committee on information collection, one day off-site for the consultant to put together a suggested profile, and one day on-site for the committee to agree and make changes to the profile. Additional consulting time may be required once potential candidates have submitted applications.
  • For a Succession Plan for Senior Leadership – This generally adds one day to define and plan the process. Often, this can lead to training for the current and succeeding leaders.


  1. Questions about the meaning of all MinistryMatch descriptors (e.g. “Exergized”) for MinistryMatch Assessments will be clarified.
  2. Clusters of constructs that strengthen or weaken one another for specific MinistryMatch Assessments will be identified and explained.
  3. Questions will be answered and implications for your situation will be explained.
  4. Elements that complement or clash with other team members will be pointed out.
  5. The entire team will have a better understanding of each other and how they can work together to be most fruitful.
  6. Optional:
    • Job retro-fit: Analysis will be performed, recommendations will be offered, and beneficial changes will be discussed.
    • Organizational structure: Will be discussed in light of present leadership gifting, the organization’s current development state, and the evolution and growth required to move into the next lifecycle phase.
    • Candidate MinistryMatch Requirements development: Will be performed for a new staff member(s) to best complement the present leadership.
    • Succession plan: Determines if the makeup of senior leadership in the organization will continue as it has in the past, or if changes are required for a more successful leadership approach.
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strategies and implementation


This consultation usually takes 30-60 minutes, and can be accomplished on a video call with screen sharing. It requires the participants to have taken and understand the MinistryMatch Assessment. It is highly recommended that you have at least three individuals that have taken the MinistryMatch Assessment, and have your organization designated as a recipient of the results.


  1. Customer will understand how to define profiles for positions/jobs.
  2. Client will understand how to generate a “best-fit” match of individuals for defined ministry position/job profiles, and how to perform “what-if” iterations on the process.
  3. Client will understand how to generate a “best-fit” match for a defined ministry position/job for an individual, and how to perform “what-if” iterations on the process.
  4. Client will understand how to coach others on all of the aspects of taking the MinistryMatch Assessment.
  5. This consultation does not replace the Search Committee consultation, and does not train the client to design complex candidate profiles or job descriptions that fit complex relational grids. Additional training is available, if this level profile development is required.
  6. Client will understand how to use MinistryConnect.
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Search Committee strategies and training


Varying levels of consultation and hands-on assistance with your Search Committee are available, including these common choices:

  1. Telephone discussion with your Search Committee or committee chairman to explain each step of the process, and tailor specifics for your organization, as needed. Approximately 1-4 hours.
  2. On-site 3+ day retreat with the Search Committee and Board, culminating with a presentation to the entire organization on the final evening. It shortens the search process by 4-6 months, and saves approximately 20 evenings of committee meetings. This also involves a demographic profile of your community, doing the Church Effectiveness Survey, and having the staff, Board, and Search Committee take the MinistryMatch.
  3. Telephone coaching calls with the Search Committee chairman at intervals during the search process – as requested.



  1. Search Committee, Board, and congregation are united in approving and understanding the search process and position profile.
  2. Everyone has input into the decision-making process.
  3. Search Committee has clear “tracks” to run on.
  4. Saves 4 months of search time and 20+ committee meetings, with superior results.
  5. Greatly decreases the chances of picking a person who will not be a good fit in the organization.
  6. Ensures your position profile will match the needs for the next phase in the life of the organization.
  7. Develops unity around a philosophy of ministry and vision for your organization.
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Search Committee - Vision Statement & Philosophy of Ministry


Developing a Vision Statement and Philosophy of Ministry is a critical step in your search process, and in organizational stability. Staff and ministry leaders leave because of vision and philosophy issues far more often than due to doctrinal disagreements. . . .



  1. The Search Committee and Board will develop an agreement and written statements of these important issues to use in their search.
  2. The Search Committee and new candidates will agree with these from the beginning, creating longer and more fruitful relationships.
  3. Additional staff and leaders will fit better and be more fruitful.
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Ongoing assistance with your Search Committee, including position profile development


Sometimes the Search Committee is not sure what they need until they have already begun the search process. This consultation provides what is needed, and allows for total flexibility. . . . . .



  1. Ongoing assistance with your Search Committee, including position profile development.
  2. The Search Committee and Board begin a search process, and get the help they need.
  3. The Search Committee has someone to “double-check” their work to get the best result.
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Diagnostic analysis of your Church Effectiveness Survey results


A full church consultation involves six steps:
  • Data gathering
  • Diagnosis
  • Prescription
  • Planning
  • Implementation, and
  • Coaching to completion
A Diagnostic Analysis consultation covers the first three of these. This is typically a Friday afternoon to Sunday evening consultation, and requires the church to take the Church Effectiveness Survey prior to the consultation.. . .



  1. The entire church is involved in giving input, which creates inclusion and unity.
  2. Your church’s situation is objectively defined, creating a unified understanding, and minimizing disagreement.
  3. The leaders and members agree on the most important things that the church must do to grow in as vibrant and healthy a way as possible.
  4. There will be an objective understanding of the state of the church and its needs. This knowledge will be helpful when used in a search process or master planning process.
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Church/Organization Master Planning


Proverbs 21:5 states: "The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty." The Bible tells us planning is important, and research backs that up. Such research proves that having a clear and focused purpose is the most important variable in ministry when it comes to encouraging growth - even stronger than evangelism and preaching! Therefore, Biblically and practically speaking, developing a Master Plan for your church or ministry organization is one of the most important things you can do! . . .



  1. You will “re-discover” and clarify your most desirable future for your ministry.
  2. You will identify barriers to growth.
  3. Your leadership and congregation will be unified.
  4. Your church/ministry will be revitalized.
  5. Your leadership will agree upon and establish optimum priorities.
  6. Helps the ministry to organize for success.
  7. Facilitates finding new approaches to improve future ministry.
  8. Guides you to move to the next level of growth.
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Organizational Analysis


As organizations grow, their structure must change and grow as well. Improper structure of the organization or staff will stunt its growth and health. An Organizational Analysis combines staff retro-fitting with an analysis of your organizational structure, results in the definition of which structure will best take you into its desired future, and facilitates the decision-making process required to get there. This is an on-site consultation… . . .



  1. Staff and leaders will understand the principles of organizational structure and its evolution.
  2. Leaders will be positioned to make informed decisions about which structure they need to put in place to best move into the next stage in their lifecycle. The consultant will discuss the steps needed to do this.
  3. Each staff member will understand, from the MinistryMatch Assessment, how God “wired” them for optimum fruitfulness and fulfillment.
  4. Each staff member will understand the “wiring” needed for their ministry/job, and where this ministry matches and mis-matches their own “wiring”.
  5. Staff members and the consultant will identify potential changes to the ministry/job or staff relationships that could result in greater fruitfulness and fulfillment for the client and church/organization. A list of the potential changes will be created to present to their supervisor.
  6. Potentially, some or all of these changes are made resulting in greater fruitfulness, fulfillment, and tenure for the client and the church/organization.
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