For years I have used MinistryMatch in a number of settings, with church staff and with Seminary students engaged in Christian Leadership Development. In every case the results and prayerful reflections have proven to provide the most valuable discoveries. As one student described it, “it was a life-changing epiphany for my ministry.” There are many assessment tools available but none that I’ve found that provide a more comprehensive and inclusive portrait that is necessary for anyone in ministry to discover their place and intentionally grow toward effective service. In my mind, it is the most indispensable instrument for discerning God’s hand in the life of His servants.
Dr. Lyle Schrag, Northwest Baptist Seminary

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MinistryMatch Assessments

measure the six constructs of an individual’s life that are directly related to Christian ministry and creates a complete profile of the whole person. LEARN MORE...


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an app providing access to MinistryMatch reports of individuals that have been released to the Organization. LEARN MORE...


a powerful tool using MinistryMatch to match individuals to ministry positions and ministry positions to individuals. LEARN MORE...

Church Effectiveness Survey

provides a detailed picture of a church's demographics, spiritual makeup, and perceived and actual effectiveness as a disciple making entity. LEARN MORE...