application for Organizations that provides access to MinistryMatch reports....

MinistryMatchReports is a cloud-based app free with all Organization Accounts that provides the ability to view and print MinistryMatch reports for individuals who have given the Organization permission to do so.

Churches and other ministry organizations may create an account on the MinistryMatch site by clicking the Register>Organization option and completing the account profile.

Once your Organization is set up for an account, MinistryMatch is available so that individuals who have themselves purchased a MinistryMatch license may release their results to your Organization for review.

Organizations with the free MinistryMatchReports app may also purchase MinistryMatchPro and/or MinistryMatchLaity licenses, as well as other products in the MinistryMatch suite of applications. Purchased MinistryMatch Assessment licenses may be distributed to individuals in the ministry or to candidates pursuing opportunities within the ministry. With the purchase of the licenses, the Organization will receive an email containing instructions and License Codes. These License Codes can then be distributed by the Organization to individuals to complete a MinistryMatch Assessment. Their reports will then be available on the Organization's MinistryMatchReports or MinistryConnect account for review.

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