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Understanding MinistryMatch Assessments for Individuals

MinistryMatch Assessments measure six different constructs (an idea or theory containing multiple conceptual elements) including temperament, motivated role, leadership style, participation style, ministry gifts, and ministry values. Ninety-nine elements are measured within these six constructs. Thus, virtually every issue that is important to ministry is measured in one assessment.

As a result, the MinistryMatch Assessments are among the most widely used tools for the evaluation and placement of persons in ministry. This includes both the placement of professional staff in churches and organizations, as well as the recruitment and placement of lay leaders inside their own churches. Click here to learn more about the MinistryMatch Assessments.

The following instructions provides step-by-step directions for getting setup and taking your individual MinistryMatch Assessment:

Step 1: MinistryMatch Assessment Activation

How to setup an Individual Account

  1. Click Register>Individual Account or (click here to Create Your Account Now.)
  2. Complete the Account Profile form. When completing the account profile, you will be asked for a Denomination. This is personal background information only.


  1. If you were given a License Code by your church or other ministry organization, select I have a preassigned license code, at the bottom of the Account Profile form, choose MinistryMatchPro or MinistryMatchLaity as appropriate, and enter your License Code. Click Create Account, and proceed to Step 2.
  2. If you were not given a License Code, Click Create Account.
  3. On the next screen, Click Purchase in the Status column to purchase your MinistryMatch Assessment.

Step 2: Taking the MinistryMatch Assessment

  1. Once you have registered and have your username and password, click the Sign In > Individual to sign into your account.
  2. Click READ COMPLETELY: MinistryMatch Instructions and Information.
  3. Read the How to Complete the MinistryMatch instructions, and click Finished.
  4. Complete the MinistryMatch Assessment following the instructions from the previous step. You do not need to complete the entire questionnaire at one time, and may return at any time to continue from where you left off.

Step 3: Taking the MinistryMatch Assessment

  1. Select organizations authorized to see your survey results.
  2. After answering all of the survey questions, you may optionally select organizations you wish to authorize to see your results. You may add or delete from this list at any time in the future.

Step 4: View your results

  1. Click View Results to proceed to open your MinistryMatch Assessment report view. From this page, you can select the report to view. You should always choose the Interpreted Detailed Report. See below for more information on the report types.
  2. IMPORTANT: Your results will not be released for viewing by the organizations you selected until you have viewed them yourself. Make sure to complete this step.

Step 5: Print Definitions Book

  1. (Optional) View/print the definitions booklet. This step is not required and is unnecessary if you view/print your Interpreted Detailed Report.

Survey Reports released to Organizations

Once you have competed the MinistryMatch Assessment you may view your results by signing into your account. You may view and print these results as often as you wish.

Any Organization that you added to your authorized organization list will also be able to view the reports for your results. You may add or remove organizations from your authorized list at any time.

There are two reports:

  1. Interpreted Detailed Report – This is primarily intended for your use as it provides a 33-page detailed explanation of all the constructs related to their results.
  2. Summary Report – Provides a summary report for use by an evaluator in counseling or comparing individuals. Pie charts show how the individual sees themseleve with respect to each construct. The comparison of the individual to all others who have taken the MinistryMatch Assessment is presented as bar charts.